Gooood morning! Wake up call

Good morning wake-up call for your morning alarm 🙂
January 26, 2018/by Harald Lepisk

Powerful morning affirmations

Words shape your destiny. Watch this video every morning to create an empowering destiny.
November 1, 2016/by Harald Lepisk

Miracle Morning – 6 morning habits (Book overview)

Creative and productive mornings lead to creative and productive days. These are 6 morning habits that can transform your life.
April 20, 2016/by Harald Lepisk

4 tips for setting new year goals

4 tips to make your new year goals come alive.
December 14, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Thank you for the inspiration manifesto

I want to thank you for the gifts you have given…
December 10, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Best morning exercise to get energy

Video instruction of Sun Salutation sequence. Great exercise I use to uplift my energy every morning.
December 7, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Rise in Love – course introduction

Coming soon: inspiring course for rising in love with life 🙂
October 30, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Guided meditation: Gratitude

Guided meditation for enhancing gratitude. Presented by Siim Lepisk.
October 14, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Happiness boosters – happy tips

Simple steps you can take now to boost your happiness by smiling, improving your posture, doing the happiness walk and using positively charged words.
April 10, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Ecstatic Dancing: go with the flow

A state of ecstasy - just freeing your mind, letting go and dancing with the flow.
February 23, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Energy exercises: 5 Tibetan Rites demo

Excercises to uplift your energy and keep you young 🙂
February 23, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Can you stop the time and touch the light?

Enter a time capsule, to stop the time and touch the light.
January 26, 2015/by Harald Lepisk

Inspiration video: Yoga in Tartu

Yogis in action on streets of Tartu 🙂
August 19, 2014/by Harald Lepisk

This is how we roll

This is my work - getting young people excited about being enterprising and active. Best energy. Ready to take action.
February 22, 2014/by Harald Lepisk

There is no room for fear if your heart is filled with love

Sentence "There is no room for fear if your heart is filled with love" read in Estonian by 10 non-native speakers.
February 13, 2014/by Harald Lepisk

As I began to love myself

There are words that ought to be listened to again and again. These are the ones. We created this video to expand the love. Enjoy.
November 7, 2013/by Harald Lepisk
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