Business Forum Group Speaker Contest semifinalist

How to become future-proof?

No one can predict the future, we can only assume scenarios. What matters in the end is the relationships we built, impact we created and person we became.

Here´s 3 key updates we can control:

  • Connect for inspiration – every person I meet is an opportunity to learn.
  • Create for legacy – I find ways to bring a piece of my dream into today.
  • Grow for impact – All that happens supports my journey of growth.

Make conversations matter. Create to learn and see everything as an opportunity to grow. That´s one scenario for becoming future-proof.

Would love to dive deeper to find ways to apply it in your team? Let´s talk.

Green screen video studio setup for online teaching

For speakers and teachers who care (read: geek out) about the visual experience of their students. This is my dream home studio set up for recording and live Zoom training.

The requirements for my challenge were:

+ Studio-quality audio and video

+ For recording and Zoom live training

+ Fast setup, ready to go

+ Full control one-man show

+ No post-editing

+ Fits into 10 sqm home office

So what do you think – looks like a reasonable setup or a total overkill for Zoom seminars? 😀

Current setup gear list: + Main camera: Sony ZV-1 (with excellent autofocus)

+ Video mixer: Blackmagic Atem Mini Extreme (with supersource)

+ Main lights: Elgato Key Lights (works great with Elgato Stream Deck controller)

+ Green screen: Manfrotto Chroma Key 1.8 x 2.75m Green Screen Background

+ Teleprompter: TeleprompterPAD iLight PRO 11

+ Microphone: Rodelink wireless transmitters and headset microphone

+ Shotgun microphone: Rode NT USB Mini with Elgato LP (low profile) stand

+ Teleprompter monitor: Feelworld T7 (7″, but could be larger)

+ Computer: HP Spectre X360 13″ laptop (with touch screen) with Gravity LTS 01 B laptop stand for heat dissipation

+ Monitors: Dell Ultrasharp series with separate stands