4 tips for setting new year goals

4 tips to make your new year goals come alive:

Write yourself a letter from the future

If your new year goals look the same as they did on previous years, then try this. Imagine yourself travelling to the future and looking back to things you have created.

What do you really want to see in that story?

Set exciting goals

If there is no emotion or drive behind your goals, then you might as well send those wishes to “Nice to have list” and keep your focus on things that really excite you.

What are the topics that really excite you?

Train your skills

If your tired of setting those “I will earn a million dollars” goals, that have never worked, then turn your focus on training your skills.

What area do you want to master? What do you want to become good at?

Which skill do you want to train?

Start with tiny habits

Did you promise to quit smoking and get fit again? Start with little habits, make them regular and build upon these habits.

What is the small step you can start doing today to develop a habit of creating the life you want?

What works for you?

Share your experience: what really works for you when setting goals to create progress in life?

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  1. Matson dos S. M. Cysneiros
    Matson dos S. M. Cysneiros says:

    Dear Harald,
    Good night!
    Perfect course.
    I didn’t belive that this moment will be for better than i waiting.
    I’m a Master here in Brazil, but after this course i changed my vision, and you can beleave.
    Your trainning impacted my models.
    i’m desenvolver a new course and i will talk about your course.
    Thanks so much for your teachings.
    Would you like to be my mentor?
    I’m wait your answer.

  2. Favored
    Favored says:

    am learning to be a mentor. i loved this course and the tools , very practical. will start within the family circle.


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