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Live your dreams today

Every day find a way to bring a piece of your dream into today.

Harald Lepisk

Being alive!

You know I really love it.

I love the edge on it.

I love that there´s no answer.

I love that nobody else can do it.

I love that you can´t even be certain when you do it.

That´s really being alive!

It´s like setting the reach.

This is about where you´re coming from.

It´s about who you are.

It´s about the context of the relationship.

The space of the relationship.

It doesn´t make any difference how it is.

At this level you get to create how it is.

But what if it turns out that you were a fool?

A fool is probably not down very far from where you are if you´re worried about it.

I mean what the hell, it´s probably worth taking the chance.

You know, I can picture people´s minds, saying: “But what will they think?”

You want me to tell you what they will think?

They will think terrible things about you.

What the hell did you think they were going to think?

They think terrible things about you anyhow! 🙂

That´s what thinking is about.

It´s about terrible things.

Thinking is all about “buts”.

You want to move them.

You want to inspire them.

You want to give them the opportunity to be in touch with them.

Experience and express their own magnificence,

To hell with what they think.

Werner Erhard