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Gooood morning! Wake up call



Gooood morning!

It´s time to rise up

Rise to your gifts and talents

Rise to your dreams and ambitions

Rise to create something good for the world

You have it within you

Now, go out there and share it with the world

You´re ready for it?

Let´s go for it!

Woooo shahhhh 🙂




Miracle Morning – 6 morning habits (Book overview)

Creative and productive mornings lead to creative and productive days. These are 6 morning habits that can transform your life:


Spend some time in silence, focusing on your breathing and being in the present moment. Letting go of all the thoughts that come to your mind and just sensing your body, the air. It can be in forms of meditation, prayer, deep breathing or just reflection and gratitude for life.


Clarify what you want in your life, why you want it and what you need to consistently do and be to experience the life you really want. Create sentences, that have the emotional charge to create powerful beliefs about life.

Some examples that I have in my affirmation list:

Creative ideas come easily and frequently.

I am in alignment with my purpose and mission.

I meet the right people and we have the right conversations.


Read your affirmations out loud and incorporate your physiology to create a stronger mind-body connection.


Top athletes use visualization to enhance their performance by imagining how they perform. Clarify what do you really want in your life. What are your big goals, deepest desires and lifechanging dreams?

Visualize yourself having achieved that dream and also visualize yourself doing and enjoying the work that needs to be done to achieve it. That last part is something that we tend to forget, but it is a vital part, because actions and great work is the vehicle that transports us towards our dreams.


Exercise gets your blood flowing and supplies your body with fresh oxygen. For intense mental work you need to balance it with physical movement. What´s your favorite sports? Yoga, running, walking, lifting, cycling, swimming, skiing, dancing? It only takes a minute to do 10 push-ups or jumping jacks.

I wake myself every day doing Sun salutations, it´s a series of stretches that wake my body. Another popular option is 5 Tibetan rites. Living in a Nordic climate means that my morning exercise has to be weather-proof and that´s why I can guarantee a good wake-up with these exercises every morning.


If you were to read 10 pages a day, then in a year you have  read 3650 pages. That´s about 18 books. If you would read 18 books in the next upcoming 12 months, would that have a positive impact on your life?

When choosing a book, ask yourself: “What do I want go gain from this book? How do I want to apply it?”. During your morning reads, try to get a specific idea from a book that you could apply the same day.


Writing is a powerful tool for creating clarity in life to reflect on your discoveries, ideas and achievements. It´s like therapy with yourself. You can write about what you are grateful for, what you want to improve in your life, plan for actions you want to take or just keep a diary where you mark the interesting things that you experienced during the previous day.

Many creatives use morning pages to clear their mind. With morning pages you just write 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind. Don´t worry about spelling errors, your handwriting or the structure of thoughts, just write. It can be difficult in the beginning, but once you get it going, you´ll be surprised about the writing flow you´ll begin to develop.

Try out journalling and learn to know yourself.

How to put these habits into practice?

miracle morning 6 habits

I made a sticky note for each habit and kept it in my sight so that it would be easy to remember to apply all habits in the morning. Before going to sleep at night, I set my exercise clothes, affirmations page and diary ready. This way it was easier to start with the habits in the morning, because everything was already set and ready for action.

I would personally recommend start applying these new habits while being on vacation or on weekends, where you don´t have to rush anywhere. And once you get it going, then adopting it to your normal workdays. You can also choose one habit to start with and after you get used to that, start adding other habits.

I wish you miracelous mornings 🙂

4 tips for setting new year goals

4 tips to make your new year goals come alive:

Write yourself a letter from the future

If your new year goals look the same as they did on previous years, then try this. Imagine yourself travelling to the future and looking back to things you have created.

What do you really want to see in that story?

Set exciting goals

If there is no emotion or drive behind your goals, then you might as well send those wishes to “Nice to have list” and keep your focus on things that really excite you.

What are the topics that really excite you?

Train your skills

If your tired of setting those “I will earn a million dollars” goals, that have never worked, then turn your focus on training your skills.

What area do you want to master? What do you want to become good at?

Which skill do you want to train?

Start with tiny habits

Did you promise to quit smoking and get fit again? Start with little habits, make them regular and build upon these habits.

What is the small step you can start doing today to develop a habit of creating the life you want?

What works for you?

Share your experience: what really works for you when setting goals to create progress in life?

Live your dreams today

Every day find a way to bring a piece of your dream into today.

Harald Lepisk