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Thank you for the inspiration manifesto



I want to thank you for the gifts you have given to me.

Please accept my apologies for all the miracles you have shared with me, but have been left unnoticed.

May this become my manifesto for keeping my eyes, mind, heart and soul open for all the upcoming precious gifts that are yet to come – may this manifesto give us strength, wisdom and courage to spot those moments, live those adventures, to uplift our joy for life.

For I am ALIVE.

Thank you for the morning Sun that opens my eyes for the beautiful day and uplifts my energy to take action.

Thank you for the sea to remind my infinite inner power, endless depth of resourcefulness and soothing clarity of my mission in life.

Thank you for the winds that carry me to new heights of achievement, to move me to undiscovered grounds beyond my fears and doubts.

Thank you for the curiosity that drives me to travel beyond myself to discover what is possible.

Thank you for the grounds I can stand confident appreciating all that I have done, and rise up to reach the skies with all my talents and gifts.

It is this power you have given to me, it is this power that I carry with me to create happiness, to spark inspiration, to love every person, every thing, every creature and every single moment of my life.

And with each breath I take, each move I make, may these powers expand and spark the lives of people around me.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Written at 02.08.2012 on Hiiumaa island

Harald Lepisk

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