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Powerful morning affirmations

I created this video to uplift and inspire ourselves. So that every morning we could align ourselves to our calling. Watch this every morning to shape an empowering destiny.

Every morning my thoughts shape my destiny.

Thoughts become words,

Words become actions,

Actions become habits,

Habits shape character

And my character creates my destiny.


Today I choose the thoughts and words

That empower me to live in alignment with my best self.

Thoughts and words that inspire me to take action

And create goodness in myself and around me.


I am here. Present in this moment.

I am in my optimal state.

Whichever I decide to do, I do well.

I am in alignment with my calling

And committed to my mission.


Creative ideas come easily and frequently.

I meet the right people and we have the right conversations.

All that happens, is part of my journey of development.

I live fully, love openly and my actions matter.

I am expressing my best self

And the world is grateful for it.


Every little cell in my body is happy.

Every little cell in my body is well.


Today the world has a lot to offer me.

I am ready to receive that

And give my best to bring more

Goodness, kindness and love to the world.


This or something even better for the highest good.

Thank you.

Harald Lepisk